‘You sent me an angel!’

donald-cropped‘I started to feel lonely after my wife of 60 years passed away. I live on a busy main road and would see cars and people passing by my house all day, but nobody would knock on my door to say hello. I felt very low indeed.

I saw a leaflet about Cyril Flint Befrienders at my GP surgery so I rang up to find out more. I was looking forward to having someone to come and chat with me and possibly go out with me in the day. After my wife died I have felt very lonely.

Having a befriender is the best thing that could have happened to me. You sent me an angel! I don’t know how she finds the time to come and visit me but I am so glad that she does. We always have something to talk about and she tells me that she enjoys coming to see me. She recently brought her 2 daughters to see me and they were as good as gold. They brought some things to do but they didn’t need them as I kept them entertained and it was lovely to meet them.

Having a new friend has helped improved my mood and life in general; I definitely feel much better and feel more content. I am getting out more now as well and have recently joined a painting class nearby. I am now meeting other people which has made me feel better.

I spend a lot of time on my own so having Sarah visit me does help. I used to be alone but now I have someone and it’s great, I just wish that I could have Sarah for longer but I can’t be greedy as I know she has a busy life!’  Donald.

An hour a week of your time could really help change an older person’s life. Sadly we have over 100 older people on our waiting list who have found themselves in a situation where they are very lonely and would like a friend. If you can spare the time for a new friend, get in touch for more information about our upcoming training sessions and the voluntary roles available.