A List of The Things We Don’t Do

What our Volunteer Befrienders do do, they do amazingly. They are a fabulous bunch; they aim to form a supportive, reliable relationship to people who may otherwise be socially isolated. However as with all volunteering roles there are few things they are not expected to do:

  • Befrienders do not help with domestic chores, deal with finances or provide personal care.
  • We cannot guarantee your befriender will be able to take you out – they may not drive or be able to take you out. Most volunteers befriend people in their own homes.
  • Take on the role of GP, nurse etc. – medical concerns will always need to be explored with the person’s doctor/nurse.
  • Give counselling or social work support – befrienders are not trained counsellors.
  • Provide a one off sitting service. Our volunteers get as much out of the experience as the people they help and this is based on forming an on-going friendship.