Escaping into a great story

Escaping into a great story…

Today World Book Day celebrates its 22nd Anniversary and has become a firm favourite in schools throughout the country. This celebration encouraged reading and sharing stories together. The day was started by its namesake charity, to try to ensure that all children had the opportunity to own their own boo. And indeed it seems to be achieving its mission!

It is also a reminder to us all about the importance of reading and the emotion it can bring. There is a special joy to reading a really good book and a great enthusiasm in recommending it to others.

I know I’m not alone in having books that hold nostalgia throughout my life to date; be that listening to the adventures of Hairy Maclairy as a small child at bed time, to the wonderful warm feeling that finishing many a Roald Dahl book can leave you with, when the good characters triumph. I also enjoyed a short spate of autobiographies of an eclectic mix of people in the public spotlight (because as a teenager you think everyone’s life must be better than your own!). I also enjoyed a competitive reading session with my adult siblings, as we raced to finish the Harry Potter collection first!

The role books can play

Books can play such an important role in our life. Educating us, helping us to relate to others, engaging us and challenging us. Reading can also present an escapism for many lonely people; a chance to escape a sad or unfulfilling reality and to be emerged in a tale, of excitement, adventure, romance or friendship. When you find a book you really enjoy you can be immersed in the story for hours. You find yourself desperately turning the pages to find out what happens next whilst not wanting a great story to come to an end! When reading, we really can find ourselves vicariously living our lives through others. It really is quite a magical and unique experience.

World Book Day

This World Book Day I would encourage you to share a story with anyone in your life whom you may think is feeling a little lonely. Share a story about you, your day, and your life or even recommend a book to them! This could offer a chance of escapism and something that will entertain and amuse them.