Free learning for Cyril Flint Befrienders

We’ve teamed up with Stephenson College to offer free work-book based course to our volunteers. This is an opportunity to complete a Level 2 course free of charge. The courses are work-book based, so can be completed in your own time to fit around other commitments.

There are a variety of Level 2 courses available, including:

Counselling Skills

Understanding Autism

Introducing Caring for Children and Young People

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

Working with Individuals with Learning Difficulties

Understanding Behaviour that Challenged

Understanding Nutrition and Health

Awareness of Mental Health Problems

Working with People with Mental Health Needs

Equality and Diversity

Information, Advice and Guidance

Lean Organisation Management Techniques

Principles of Customer Service

Principles of Team Leading

Common Health conditions

Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care

Customer Service for Health and Social Care settings

Principles of Dementia Care

Principles of End of Life Care

All courses are fully funded as long as they are completed in full. Failure to complete the course will incur a charge to cover the cost of the workbook and registration fee.

You will be given 12 weeks to complete your course and you will be supported by Cathy, a Stephenson College Tutor throughout your course duration.

You need to let Alison know by no later than 21st February which course you are interested in, to allow time for us to order your workbook. Call Alison on 0161 942 9465 or email [email protected]

You will then need to attend a sign up session on 27th February at 6pm, at: Homecare Support, Craig House, 33  Ballbrook Avenue, Didsbury, M20 3JG, where you can meet Cathy, the tutor and collect your workbooks!



Free Level 2 Courses for Cyril Flint Befrienders

alison-stephenson-certificateEach year we offer our volunteers the opportunity to complete free distance learning courses; this could be to help you progress in your career; the start of a new career path or just a course in a topic that you are interested in! The courses offered are all Level 2 Courses and can be completed at home via workbooks or online, whichever is more convenient to you!

We have arranged for the courses to be FREE for Cyril Flint Befriender’s to complete but this is only available if you complete the course, otherwise a fee will be payable. However, you are provided with workbooks with all of the course detail in and can attend support sessions with a Stephenson tutor or one of the Cyril Flint Staff if you need a bit of help along the way!

2016/2017 courses available:

-Principles of Care Planning

-Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication

-Working with people with Mental Health needs

-Awareness of Mental Health Problems

-Principles of Dementia Care

-Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes

-Principles of End of Life Care

-Understanding Nutrition and Health

-Equality and Diversity

-Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings

-Team Leading and Knowledge

-Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

-Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care

-Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

-Certificate in the Principles of Customer Services

-Certificate in Common Health Conditions

-Certificate in Information, Advice & Guidance

-Understanding Autism

-Introduction to looking after children


We are pleased to announce the first registration date for 2016/2017 Stephenson Courses, which will take place:

Monday 24th October 2016


Craig House, 33 Ballbrook Avenue, Didsbury, M20 3JG

Please register your interest by13th October 2016, stating name and course you are interested in via email: [email protected] or by calling 0161 942 9465

Supported Volunteering in action

Looking around our regular supported volunteering session last week and we couldn’t help but beam with pride.

Some of the group were busy writing CV’s with a member of our team, others were having a brew and chatting about how they never really got out before they joined the group. Part of the session was spent signing up for a 4 week learning course due to start the next week. Plans were made to do a group visit to a nursing home the following week.

This truly was supported volunteering in action, where a little extra help is provided to people who want to become volunteers but who might need some support along the way.  Whether you have barriers to overcome, need a confidence boost or just a push in the right direction, we will do our best to help. Perhaps you want to build your confidence, get out and meet new people or get back on track into employment?

 Cyril Flint’s Supported Volunteer Scheme

If this sounds like you, then our supported volunteer programme could be just the thing. Our fun, informal and supportive Volunteer sessions can help empower people to become active in the community, build skills and increase their options whilst helping make a difference.Volunteering is a tried and tested method of improving confidence and wellbeing. However lots of people often find they face barriers to volunteering.

Our supported volunteer groups help build confidence and knowledge and encourage engagement in volunteering activity.

Support can include:

  • Help going through the application process
  • Filling in forms
  • A helping hand to get you started on your volunteering adventure. We are around to go with you to new places and are there to help you and the person you befriend settle in
  • Group sessions to share experiences and access further support if required.
  • Access to free supported learning courses whilst you are volunteering
  • Social events where you can meet other volunteers

And much, much more! Get in touch today – email [email protected] for more information.