I don’t want to be lonely this Christmas…

Hi folks, Sam here! I’d like to start of this month’s blog with a very warm season’s greetings to you all; the countdown to the holidays (whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, kwanza, or nothing specifically) is well and truly on. Whilst this may be a joyous time for most of us, it can also be […]

A time of reflection!

Hi all! Samantha here once again with your monthly instalment of the Cyril Flint Befrienders’ Blog. Can you believe we have reached the 11th month of the year already!? Before we know it these 30 days will be over, Christmas will be around the corner, and a new decade will soon be welcomed in. Therefore, […]

Autumn Friendships

Hi Everyone, Sam here! Autumn; a beautiful time of year! The leaves are vibrant in a mix of colours falling all around us, it may new a new term at school/university for many, and there’s that lovely nip in the air that reminds us that we’re alive. Autumn in many ways is a season of […]

Lets Celebrate… It’s Friendship month!

The sky’s the limit…literally!

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. The topic of today’s blog is very exciting indeed; some might say the prospect of what will be discussed even has them on cloud nine. That’s right, Cyril Flint Befrienders, in partnership with ‘Sky Line Events’, now offers you the opportunity to take part in your own sponsored skydive. […]

The negative impacts of eating alone

Hi everyone, Jack here! Hope all is well. Last week on our social media platforms we shared a very topical article. The article focused on the specific concern of eating alone among the elderly and its negative health consequences.  As we all know, eating for many of us is one of the most basic of […]

I never thought I’d have a Best Friend again!

Loneliness is a subjective feeling, where, as an individual we do not feel we have as much social interaction or as many strong, fulfilling relationships with people as we desire. For example you can be in a busy room, full of people but still feel very lonely; You can have carers call in on you […]

We’re hiring an Operations Manager to cover Maternity Leave

Who we are With over 5 million elderly people living on their own, and around two fifths (around 3.9 million) of all older people citing television as their main source of company, loneliness is an ever-present problem within our community (Campaign To End Loneliness). Cyril Flint, an elderly pensioner living on his own in the […]

Are you up to the Cyril Flint Accumulator Challenge?

IT’S BACK! We’ve enjoyed huge success with our Accumulator Challenge over the past two years! We’re delight to be launching this year’s event on 1st May 2019! How the Accumulator Challenge it works: Each entrant is given a start-up fund: £100 to Teams and £50 to individuals. We appreciate that organising any fundraising activity can […]

Escaping into a great story

Escaping into a great story… Today World Book Day celebrates its 22nd Anniversary and has become a firm favourite in schools throughout the country. This celebration encouraged reading and sharing stories together. The day was started by its namesake charity, to try to ensure that all children had the opportunity to own their own boo. […]

Could you be our new Charity Secretary?

About the role As a registered Charity Cyril Flint Befrienders is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are responsible for making all major decisions about the charity. They decide its direction of growth and are ultimately responsible for ensuring the charity continues to act in line with its Articles of Association. Our mission statement […]