Accessibility options

We have tried to ensure that this website is available to as broad an audience as possible.

For detailed instruction of how to make this website easier to read please use these very well written text resizing instructions from the BBC (link opens in a new tab). Below we have listed details for the 2 most popular browsers. You can see what browser you are on by looking at the very top left of this screen.

Text size

The size of the text on this website is set in qualitative instead of quantitative terms. Your web browser can override the base text size and all of the text will change relative to the size you specify.

This is easily demonstrated using Microsoft Internet Explorer’s ‘Text Size’ option: to increase the size of the text select ‘View’ -> ‘Text Size’ -> ‘Largest’: this increases the size of all the text proportionally. (You can similarly change the text size to make it smaller). The default setting is ‘Medium’.

In Mozilla Firefox you should select View > Zoom > Zoom Text only. Then follow this process but instead of hitting Zoom Text Only, Click ‘Zoom Only’. To return the text size to its default setting, select ‘Reset’.

Please be aware that zooming in whilst browsing this website may impact upon its layout: the site has been designed to ‘flow’ to fill the browser window (to make use of the extra space available at higher screen resolutions) but zooming to a large value will cause some page elements to overlap.

For more detailed information about how to change the fonts and font sizes in your web browser you can visit the BBC My Web My Way website

Use of images

Images on our website have alternative text attributes (alt text). This means when an image is used on a web page to convey information its content is also described in the alt text. Therefore, the image can be understood by text browsers and assistive technologies such as screen readers.

If an image is used for simply decorative purposes, the text attribute for the image is left empty in line with accepted best practice.